Bodybuilders before the 2013 Olympia

As you probably know the 2013 edition of the Mr. Olympia bodybuilding competition is coming next September and we’re all excited too see what everybody’s gonna look like on stage. If you haven’t seen what your favorite bodybuilder looks like for a while, we have recent pictures just for you.

*** Update : Just posted part 2 of what bodybuilders look like a couple months before the olympia. More up to date pictures and Branch Warren looking better ;-P


What Jay Cutler looks like for his comeback in 2013

what Jay Cutler looks like before the 2013 mr Olympia

Jay Cutler guest posing in 2013

To my surprise Jay seems to be in super good shape, as I thought he was on the decline lately (no offense M. Cutler, I’m a big fan of yours and this is just my opinion). He SEEEMS to have lost a little bit of width, which is nothing considering he’s probably the widest bodybuilder I’ve ever seen for his height. His quads look a little smaller and not as impressive as he used to be when he won his last contest, and that was a good weapon in his arsenal. I’m not sure if he is number one material this year, but definitely not to treat lightly for his competitors.

What does Phil Heath look like as of now in 2013?

Phil heath guest posing in 2013


Phil Heath before the 2013 mr. olympia


what Phil looks like today

You can check this post on musculardevelopment here. Basically covers Phil’s posing at the Phil Heath classic 2013. The guy is really huge in these pictures. Chest thickness and arm size is totally out of control right there and he seems to be well on his way to #1 this year. There are a lot of nitpickers on bodybuilding forums stating that he his too big and lost the pleasant look and perfect symmetry he once had. I totally disagree. Remember folks this is off-season ! If he keeps his waistline small on stage he will do just like he did last year.

What is Kai Greene’s physique as of now?

Kai Greene's physique in 2013My biggest surprise this year is Kai Greene. He looks in fantastic shape and his waist looks super good. Surprised to see his abs so defined in the off-season. Not sure if I would bet my money on him yet, but I’m definitely rooting for him to win this year. He has a great physique, good personality, has worked very hard and deserves it.


 What does Branch Warren look like as of now (2013)?

Branch warren guest posing in 2013

What Branch Warren looks like as of now today

Nothing too stunning and nothing bad there either. A lot of people in the bodybuilding community see Branch as a guy who’s on the decline and I would agree with that. Maybe it’s bad lighting in these pictures, but he seems to have lost some mass. Don’t really see him going far in the competition.


Conclusion :

All that being said these are all of-season pics and what counts is on stage. We’ll see what happens in september 2013 at the Olympia. Good luck to all of them.

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  1. lewisdan says

    Yeah I guess Branch Warren slipped up a bit there. But you never know what happens until the final day !

  2. 6ASSMONKEY9 says

    Why is the use of anabolic steroids admirable? Yes, i know these men work their asses off and are probably nice people, but why is there such a desire to build a physical shape so over developed with chemically enhances muscles that renders practical use nonexistent?

    • Mike says

      The same reason why someone wants to hit a small ball as far as possible, as many times possible. Or someone else catch a ball without getting tackled by a 300 lb. man. Or someone driving a car 200 mph in a closed loop. If you dont like bodybuilding… it makes as much sense for you to question and look down on it as much as it makes sense for someone else to question the sport of your liking. They OBVIOUSLY dont see what you see in it.

  3. Guinnessandspuds says

    Practical uses? They can win competitions, very practical for them. They are also way stronger than most people on this sub. Sure they can’t do pilates but that doesnt matter to them. Not saying they are the epitome of attractiveness or fitness but they do what they want with their bodies.

  4. 6ASSMONKEY9 says

    I just don’t understand the appeal to being that retardedly massive. Other than to “win competitions.” And I meant practical as in, “using your legs to scratch each other, lay down flat, wipe your ass etc.”

  5. Guinnessandspuds says

    They can do all that. I don’t get the appeal either but its what they want and so they achieved it.

    • jc912 says

      Not my ideal looking physiques, but please tell me you’re not implying these guys just pumped themselves full of chemicals and looked like this.

    • jc912 says

      You may not understand it, but the dedication to diet/training and the sacrifices they make to be the best is admirable in itself in my opinion.

      • brothmc3 says

        Some of these guys have admittedly used steroids and constantly pump themselves full of chemicals to look like this. It is not healthy to do this to your body.

        • james says

          It’s called idealism thats why, “renders practical use nonexistant”. They are practical and they couldn’t possibly be rendered nonexistant or even useless if it’s the muscle structure itself that helps a professional bodybuilder win the competition. They serve a functional purpose and that it to win competitions. In it’s own world bodybuilding, and bodybuilding drugs serve their own purpose. It’s not something you have to agree with or even understand, just understand what is written and accept it as a fact.

  6. tired_papasmurf2 says

    Maybe it was because it was a relaxed picture of him with his legs covered, but I kinda liked Kai Green. He didn’t look monsterous, angry, or deformed.

  7. steelcitykid says

    So in all serious and without judgement, how many of these guys are natural? I imagine the testing guidelines for competition are rather lax and/or easily skirted? Anyone with in-depth knowledge please enlighten me.

    • steelcitykid says

      Not at all – I figured as much, but I didn’t want to assume and/or insult anyone. It’s not like they don’t bust their ass to get that much more out of the stuff. I’m curious how these competitions are allowed to happen given the illegal status of steroids. Is it just a case of “bigger fish to fry” for the DEA for example?

  8. Syncharmony says

    That’s like asking why the DEA isn’t shutting down Phish shows when they know everyone there is stoned.

    • steelcitykid says

      Marijuana by comparison is hardly dangerous. Doesn’t make it any less illegal. Again I’m not saying it should be done, I’m only curious why it hasn’t. Thanks for your input.

      • james says

        Mariujuana makes the liver over compensate P-cells when THC in blood levels is considerably low. This causes scarring of the liver and in turn un repairable damadge. Your kidneys are damadged even worse. Marijuana Is very harmfull for your body. Steroids are an intramuscular injection that by pass the liver and go directly intoblood stream. Marijuana is Dangerous. Especially in the hands of ignorant people like yourself. I don’t advocate steroids or marijuana, but please educate yourself before your open your mouth.
        James C MD

  9. GymIn26Minutes says

    Marijuana by comparison is hardly dangerous.

    You realize that every medical expert questioned during the congressional steroid investigation recommended against making steroids illegal, right?

    Also, steroids aren’t even particularly dangerous if used responsibly. (Whether or not the pros use them responsibly is a different question)

    NSAIDs, alcohol and tobacco are all more dangerous than steroids, yet they are all perfectly legal.

  10. GymIn26Minutes says

    When you say that “by comparison marijuana is hardly dangerous” that implies that the thing it is being compared to is dangerous. That is why I assumed you were of the opinion that steroids were dangerous, I apologize for the incorrect assumption.

    • steelcitykid says

      No you’re right – I guess it does sound that way, wasn’t my intention. Steroids in general fascinate me.

  11. easyEggplant says

    I think that it implies that steroids are more dangerous than marijuana, which I would be surprised to see anyone disagree with.

  12. Syncharmony says

    Well, the DEA doesn’t deal with users. If anything, they would be going after the large scale manufacturers and distributors of steroids. The shows themselves are not illegal in any sort of way. It’s not like it’s an opium den where the performers are sticking each other with needles in the bathroom as they hit the stage. If local police for some reason decided “tonight, let’s let the rapes and murders slide and bust this bodybuilding show”, they probably wouldn’t find anything.

    So basically, unless you expect local law enforcement to go around to pro bodybuilders houses with warrants to search for the possession of illegal steroids based on a hunch, there is nothing they are going to do. If the police did do that, at that point I’d be way more concerned about what that means about how our justice system is being run and what their priorities are rather than how many vials of testosterone are in Jay Cutler’s fridge.

  13. steelcitykid says

    It’d be funny watching them daisy chain handcuffs to be able to to arrest the mass-monsters though.

    • steelcitykid says

      I believe it. I watched a documentary on him where he said they had to have a special kevlar vest made for him because of his mass. Ain’t nothin’ but a bullet.

  14. Secret_Squirrel007 says

    It’s well known (and obvious…) that every single pro bodybuilder uses steroids. You can’t get the size that they do without them. What people don’t understand is you don’t automatically get jacked simply by taking them. Steroids just allow for faster recovery and muscle growth which allows these guys to essentially live in the gym. Take away the steroids and you essentially have fitness models.

  15. gangstrrr says

    What people don’t understand is you don’t automatically get jacked simply by taking them.

    This is actually wrong. You will gain significant muscle mass on anabolic steriods even if you just sit around.

    …These results are contrary to previously accepted views that anabolic-androgenic steroid use leads to muscle hypertrophy only in conjunction with strength training. This study adds to the growing evidence that anabolic-androgenic steroids can produce significant skeletal muscle hypertrophy in sedentary populations.”

  16. thatdirtyloa says

    Study 1 – Done on rabbits on controlled diets.

    Study 2 – Specially bred rats (Wistar rats are desired in my field for high emotional reactivity/anxiety behaviors, IIRC), has literally nothing to do with whether muscle increased between sedentary and non-sedentary animals.

  17. durable says

    Awhile ago I read this interview which contains a different opinion than one you often hear. Obviously I don’t think either of us could comment on the veracity, I assume neither of us has used $150,000+ worth of drugs in a year, but it was an interesting read nonetheless.

  18. steelcitykid says

    Confirms everything I’ve read as well. I don’t follow Pro body builders too much but isn’t Ronny Coleman a cop? Seems kinda of dodgy. At any rate, these guys have more work ethic in the gym than I ever will.

    • steelcitykid says

      Bodybuilding competitions in the USA do not supersede the DEA jurisdiction for banned substances was my point. I’m not arguing to shut them down, I’m just curious why nothing has been done. AFAIK they are only legal when prescribed for a number of medically accepted reasons.

    • rickrossroll says

      IFBB is subject to WADA regulations and the WADA banned substance list. Their anti-doping regime actually got an A-Rating from WADA (somehow). IFBB organizes the Mr. Olympia competition.

  19. skinny_bitches says

    you really need to get yourself a better understanding of what kind of physique is possible without ‘roids.

  20. EqusG says

    All of these guys are running high dosages of probably somewhere near 2 dozen different steroids, at least if you sum total what they take during the prep for Mr. O.

    They cruise at lower dosages during the offseason, which is largely why they look much different.

  21. zeemohawk says

    I respect and admire these guys as I’m aware how much work and discipline it takes to get there.

    I watched a documentary a while ago about all kind of body piercings and tattooing and got really pissed when those full body tattooed people compare themselves to body builders. I have nothing tattoos or people who are into that kind of stuff, but it pisses me off that someone can compare 50 hrs of someone poling you with needles with a sport where you have to push your body into complete muscle failure, day in and out, for 10 or 15 years…

    These guys deserve to show as they worked hard for it!

  22. enjoy_zion says

    I’m an amateur builder of the body. I don’t really follow bodybuilding in the slightest except for literature on nutrition. That being said… (pointing out my limited knowledge) I find there to be a vast difference between what Mr. Olympia meant In Arnold’s day to meow. Arnold looked carved out of marble, these blokes look to be carved out of beef.

    Another disclaimer: This in no way demeans the demands and strides in fitness modern bodybuilders have achieved. Mad props and all that. I just think something has been lost. And not for the better.

  23. markfit says

    Actually I think they sort of ”RE-shifted” raw muscle mass to aesthetics and symmetry (as for judgement criteria) around 2005-2006 because guys started taking mass HGH and shown on stage very muscular but with huge bellies like they’re pregnant or something.. Its when Dexter Jackson won the Olympia I think he came in with a more athletic in thin waist..

  24. barcelonatimes says

    It’s kind of one of those things that gets into your head. When you start lifting you would be estatic to lose a few pounds, gain some strength, and be able to see your abs.

    Once you work your ass off and achieve those goals, do you stop? FUCK NO, you realize you still need some more size, then you realize your legs are disproportionally big, so you work your upper body. After lifting and training all through HS and college(around 8 years, although never maniacally,) you’re left with the last bastions of working out. Either you get into power-lifting, Body-Building, or you just do it because it makes you feel good(nothing to extreme.)

    EDIT: Not that there are only three avenues, but it’s like getting into running a marathon. Is it going to be your life, or is it going to be a hobby. If you’ve made it your life for the past few years, what do you do when you hit your big goal? Quit?

    • Forbiddian says

      Just like any other sport, the rules can be somewhat arbitrary. It’s not a competition to try to look better, it’s a competition to try to get votes from judges.

      Imagine you’re a judge deciding between two candidates. One guy is more muscular than the other. It would be very, very difficult to justify a vote for the smaller person, even if you thought he looked less grotesque, he didn’t work as hard, etc. Basically it’s hard to justify a vote for someone who’s noticeably smaller. So the last whatever, 40 years, there’s been this upward trend as competitors try to win (by getting huge) and judges try to grade fairly and objectively (by picking the guy who is hugest while still looking balanced and performing well).

  25. bonerjams7 says

    They’re driven by desire to win. They don’t give a fuck what your average person thinks about their appearance. They probably don’t understand why anyone would want to be average. They simply want to excel.

    • bootselectric says

      Arnold was driven to win and didn’t look like a freak show. It has more to do with changing benchmarks and the shift from aesthetics to size.

      EDIT: To further my point, if you’ve ever read Arnold’s bodybuilding encyclopedia he stresses the importance of proper proportions even in the revised edition, which was published well after the current bodybuilding trends began to take shape.

  26. wheezeburger says

    I really have to wonder about that. Arnold was an artist – he had a great mind for it. He wanted to be the best bodybuilder he could be – at all costs – but I don’t know if he would have chased an ideal he couldn’t respect, especially with the same determination. I suppose we’ll never have a chance to find out, since having a winning physique in those times was not at conflict with having an aesthetic one. But I would like to think he would be someone like Cedric McMillan today – hold true to his desired look and still manage to become more competitive at all costs.

  27. solanthe says

    Jay is looking pretty good. It “looks” like he is bulking a bit more/dirtier than Phil or Kai… perhaps due to the fact that he has not done contest prep in a while?

    Will be interesting to see if the fact he has not had to do a hardcore contest prep in a while will work to his advantage or detriment. Right now, he looks a lot softer, but theres still a long way to go…

    In my eyes, Phil and Kai are 1:1 just like they were at the Arnold. Thing is… history has shown you can’t beat Mr. O by just being as good as him or even marginally better… you have to actually have a solid win or it seems to stay on the current champion.

    I am rooting for Kai but all 3 of them are great… as are a lot of the other contenders.

  28. camouraska says

    Kai’s forearms look like they’re coming up, but it seemed like those were a major point against him compared to Phil’s massive…whatever the fuck is bigger than pythons, and they still don’t quite compare.

  29. throwaway says

    It’s not that he is bulking dirtier, it is the fact that he did not lift in months and was probably off gear for a prolonged period of time. In that period he lost a substantial portion of muscle, he has not put that muscle back on in the brief time period before these photos. Also, phil and kai have a lower body fat percentage than Jay in these pictures it looks like. So essentially Jay is carrying less muscle and more fat.

    Should be noted too Jay’s body is probably just breaking down like Ronnie’s/Dorian’s/etc. at the end of their careers. I highly doubt Jay will truly deserve even a top 6 finish at the Olympia, despite the fact that he was at one point a great champion.

  30. kal says

    Evryone is entitled to there opinion! Let me give u some insight as a competitive bodybuilder,you do everything to win,u use anything to win ,its mindset you win from the gym to the kitchen to the bed and then onstage !like it or not you won’t see no bodybuilder hangin on a street corner ,begging for change,I call that superdrive ,besides being average sucks bigtime!

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