The Biggest Dumbbells you’ve ever Seen

After seeing Ronnie coleman do DB presses with 200 pounds, I decided to compile the biggest dumbbells ever seen in a gym (or where ever). If you go to a popular gym chain, those are the ones at the end of the rack, collecting dust and rust because nobody can even THINK of lifting them. But make no mistake, there are dudes out there, mainly found in powerlifting gyms, who can do reps with such monsters. So he were go, in ascending order :

1) 125 pound dumbbells

125 pound dumbbells


Nothing too impressive so far, 125 pound dumbbells right here. The 14 year olds at your gym surely are impressed when you do 8 reps DB presses with these, but anyone with decent size who trains hard has a shot at them.

2) 180 pound dumb bells

Andy Haman lifting 180-pound dumb bells

3) 200 pounds DBs

Ronnie coleman with 200 pounds DBs

Ronnie pushing 200 pounds dumbbells for reps here. Lightweight baby!!!

4) 215 pounds DBs

Stan Efferding incline pressing 215's

Yeah horrible pic I know, but this is Stan Efferding pressing 215′s on the INCLINE  bench. wow.

5) 250 pound

amateur doing one arm rows with 250's


ducktaped 250's

Yep. Ducktaped together. Willing to bet the form on those one armed DB rows wasn’t perfect either.

6) 300 pound

What seems like a strongman doing one armed rows with three hundreds. Ouch

7) The heaviest : 375 pound dumbbells

375 pound dumb bell in miami gym

Another view

another view of the monstruous 375's

From a gym called Powerhouse in Yucaipa, Ca. Not sure that really weighs as much as 375, but it surely is heavy. Who uses that?



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