Does Alpha Brain Work – my personal review on this Nootropic

the Alpha Brain nootropic bottle looks pretty cool and high-techSince the last 2 or 3 years there has been increased popularity in mind performance enhancing supplements or nootropics as they are usually called. You know the usual pitch : ”Working a highly stressful executive job? Playing an elite level competitive sport where you need razor sharp focus and absolutely need to perform? Give youself an edge with this natural supplement blah blah”. Well guess what, when I heard that pitch I was like yeah count me in! So there you go, about 10 days and 100$ later (I live in Canada and shipping costs are not the same because of customs and everything) this bad-boy cool looking bottle arrives in the mail.

As you can see in the image, the bottle has a cool, very hich-techy kind of look to it… nice. The green and yellow pills are also pretty aesthetic. But what about them? Do they work? Before we get into that let’s take a closer look at the product :


What it is supposed to do for you :

The pills are yellow and green and look cool. But do they work?Here are the main benefits that Alpha Brian should give you. They are listed on Onnit’s site.

  • Increased focus, mental drive;
  • Mental acuity (memory);
  • Lucid dreams.

How is the Alpha Brain supplement supposed to achieve that

By providing you with an amalgam (11 total) of supplements, or ingredients that :

  • Boost brain neurotransmitters;
  • Lower stress;
  • Provide neurological antioxidants.


**Quick edit : I have not verified if scientific research has been done to determine the validity of these claims. I might do it later, but for now this is only a personal review about how I felt when I was ”Onnit”.

What does this product actually contains

There’s no black magic behind Alpha Brain… it’s basically a combination of different supplements and ingredients that you could basically buy separately and consume. However they do not mention all the quantities in mg, in order to protect their proprietary ”blend”. The ingredients :

  • Alpha-GPC (L-Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine) – a raw source of acetylcholine needed for your brain;
  • Huperzine A – an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor which basically slows down the breakdown of choline. Therefore more for your brain;
  • Vinpocetine – helps bringing more blood flow to the brain through vasodilation;
  • AC-11, a herb extract apparently proven to repair oxidative damage done to DNA;
  • Phosphatidylserine;
  • Bacopa – a well-known herb for brain enhancement;
  • Pterostilbene;
  • L-Tyrosine – an amino acid necessary for dopamine production;
  • L-Theanine;
  • Oat Straw;
  • Vitamin B-6 – pretty sure it’s Pyridoxine.

Alpha Brain pills really give you lucid dreams. That totally works.My experience with this product

I started taking the pills right when they came in. The recommended dosage is between 2 to 4 pills a day, taken one or two at a time with a light meal. I personally took three pills a day at the end of each meal, knowing my 90-unit jar would provide full month supply. Here’s what happened :

  1. I did notice easier access to memories, thoughts and words (effect on memory);
  2. I did not notice an increase in focus;
  3. I noticed big change in my dreams. My dreams seemed more real, were way longer like I dreamt 100% of my sleep time and on top of that, I could remember them!


To tell you the truth points one and two are VERY hard to study. What if during the time I took Alpha Brain I was a little more stressed at my job, a little overworked? What if I change my diet (for better or for worse) ? What if I exercised a little more, or what if it was a little more sunny on average during that month? I like to be very scientific about my observations but it’s so tough to keep every other variable the same. And on top of that I was taking other supplements at the time.

This product makes you wake up feeling more energizedConcerning point #1 I felt I could access thoughts more quickly and formulate complicated sentences better and with richer vocabulary.. like during a business meeting for example. However I did not see any increase in focus or mental clarity. If the product had any effect of my ability to focus it was a very mild one. Although isn’t that what we’re looking for when we’re buying natural supplements?

As for the dreaming part let me tell you this is very real. I have never dreamed that much in my entire life and the dreams seemed much more real. I could also remember them more easily upon waking up. Not that any of my absurdly weird dreams could be useful but it’s still worth mentioning. Upon waking up I felt super ready to get up and get on with my day which is very atypical of me (for those who know me).

Other people’s reviews of Alpha Brain pills

There’s been a lot of discussion about this product on the popular forums : longecity : alpha brain – good or bad and bodybuilding forums : alpha brain – what are your thoughts? And the reviews are mixed. Most people would agree that the product has a noticeable effect and sleep and dreams but it’s really a hit or miss concerning focus and mental acuity. And it’s also hard to tell who’s on the placebo effect and what not.


My final review

This product works and you should definitely give it a try. Just like anything else, it will not make you a genius overnight but obviously it had some effects on me and other users. Be warned it does not come cheap. At around a dollar per pill and 2-4 pills a day this can get pretty expensive but it’s worth the try if you have the money. Otherwise I guess you could buy the ingredients separately and make your own pills. Check Longecity forum for the right dosages and sources/forms. That’ll obviously take you a lot more time and I can’t guarantee you it’s that much cheaper.

Update*** : for more info on this product, make sure to read my new post : is the Alpha Brain stack safe?


  1. says

    Great write up — very informative. I just ordered two 30 pill bottles on Amazon and am waiting for them to arrive. I’m planning on taking 2 per day and doing a 30 day case study, similar to yours. I’ve been searching for other write ups of the product to see what others think. I’ve come across pretty mixed reviews but it seems like most people experience very vivid dreams. I’m hoping that I can at least experience some of the dreams. Cheers!

  2. says

    Thanks Jonah – keep us updated on your experiences. Everyone says the vivid dreams are true and I agree! The other effects are harder to notice (which is normal for a ”natural” supplement).

    In a close future I might try buying the ingredients separately and up the dosage – see which results I get. But that’s another blog post.

  3. ben says

    Did you order it from amazon ? how many days does it take you to receive it. I order it almost 3 weeks ago and did not receive anything yet.

  4. says

    I ordered it straight from Onnit’s website. Do you live in Canada? If this is your case shipping from the U.S. takes at least 2 weeks and maybe 4 if you’re not lucky.

  5. Noha says

    Thanks for the review.. I got a bottle after reading this and I have been taking it ever since.. I have started taking 3 pills with breakfast and 2 after work. The difference is I have a better attitude at work and feel way sharper. Like I’m never in a fog anymore. And let me tell you about the dreams. Holy crap, it’s like watching an action movie happen in real life while on acid. But not in a bad way. These dreams are INCREDIBLE and I’d take the stuff just for that. If you look around you’ll see lots of studies have been done by independent people who confirm it has some effects on mental cognition and oxygen levels. In short, I read your review and tried the stuff and I’m not lying, it changed my life for the better. Thanks!

  6. Jermaine says

    I would still need scientific based peer reviewed journals to support these claims prior to fully endorsing Alpha Brain’s claim. Do you know of any from scientific journals that I may reference?
    Thank you

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