Does Creatine make your muscles less Defined?

Spoon-fed answer :  NO. about 90% sure that is correct. (lol)

Scott Mendelson doesn't care if creatine makes him less definedWhy only 90% sure? I say that because I haven’t found any serious scientific studies on this matter, but if you have please feel free to post in the comments. What I have as proof of my answer is personal experience, third party feedback and just plain logic.

The reason why we hear this question frequently is because people want to get big without losing muscle definition. They’re afraid of looking too ”bulky”, like Scott Mendelson here on this picture. No offense there Scott, I’m sure you don’t care about definition anyway. Read does creatine make you stronger?

On a side note, creatine won’t transform you into a Jay Cutler overnight and you shouldn’t be afraid of looking too bulky. [Read more...]

The Day my Father found my Creatine

Dad found creatine powder, shit got realSo one day, your father needs to borrow your tennis racket while you are gone (probably training) and there he goes on a mission across your messy room. Next thing you know, what does he see? Yep, your nice big container of creatine powder that sticks out like a sore thumb (also among your impressive collection of other supplements). See taking Creatine with caffeine.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t have presbyopia yet and he clearly reads : ” Creatine Monohydrate”. Oh crap.

Ok, now if your father is a 100% open-minded person who follows trends in the youth culture you can probably stop reading here, which would be highly unlikely… [Read more...]