Is Alpha Brain dangerous?

Some people are skeptical about  the dangers of alpha brain and other nootropicsFollowing my last post : Does Alpha Brain really work? I realized I might have missed a key point on this topic. A lot of people are wondering if taking this brain enhancing supplement is actually safe for their health. With a bunch of other more hardcore mind enhancers on the market like piracetam, aniracetam, modafinil, cerebrolysin and many others it’s normal to ask that question. There have been very few (if any at all) negative reviews and negative side effects related to the Alpha Brain pills but there have been a lot of skeptical people. Like hippos for example.

What we can do is look at the 11 ingredients on the label (which are all well-known in the supplement industry.. no magic formula here) and check out if there are any known side effects to long-term use on any of them. [Read more...]

Does Alpha Brain Work – my personal review on this Nootropic

the Alpha Brain nootropic bottle looks pretty cool and high-techSince the last 2 or 3 years there has been increased popularity in mind performance enhancing supplements or nootropics as they are usually called. You know the usual pitch : ”Working a highly stressful executive job? Playing an elite level competitive sport where you need razor sharp focus and absolutely need to perform? Give youself an edge with this natural supplement blah blah”. Well guess what, when I heard that pitch I was like yeah count me in! So there you go, about 10 days and 100$ later (I live in Canada and shipping costs are not the same because of customs and everything) this bad-boy cool looking bottle arrives in the mail. [Read more...]

What’s the Optimal Creatine Dosage?

make sure you get the right dosage of creatineJust got yourself a brand new bottle of creatine and it arrived yesterday through USPS? Good job. All statistical variance aside, you should be on your way to gain some strenght and mass. Woohoo! By the way, check out does creatine help you become stronger?

But before you get ahead of yourself, be aware that very small amounts of it are just enough to produce the desired effects. While it is an amino acid, it’s not like your protein shake. No studies prove there’s a danger to consuming too much of that supplement, but a little gastro-intestinal jihad is never pleasant either!

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Does Creatine actually make you Stronger

strongman gets stronger because of creatine?Supplement companies sell us creatine products promising gains in size and strenght, all through increased ATP (energy). But we’re left wondering, does it make us look stronger? Or does it really make us stronger?

If you’re the kind of guy (or girl) who trains solely for the purpose of looking better, which is perfectly fine, then this is not a concern for you. Creatine does make you gain weight through water retention, thus making it look bigger, almost as if it had a permanent pump. But that’s another topic. Maybe it also makes you gain weight by allowing you to train with heavier weights, and that’s exactly what we’re about to discuss. Also read what’s the optimal creatine dosage? [Read more...]

Taking Creatine with Caffeine – bad or good?

is creatine absorption affected by caffeineIf you look at just a couple different creatine supplement products, you might encounter some weird stuff on the label, in the ”recommended usage” area. Such as :

  • Do not use caffeine while taking creatine;
  • Do not take vitamin C supplements when taking creatine (wow!);
  • Don’t drink creatine with a citrus juice;
  • Do drink your creatine supp. with a little bit of salt and sugar to maximize absorption.

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Does Creatine make your muscles less Defined?

Spoon-fed answer :  NO. about 90% sure that is correct. (lol)

Scott Mendelson doesn't care if creatine makes him less definedWhy only 90% sure? I say that because I haven’t found any serious scientific studies on this matter, but if you have please feel free to post in the comments. What I have as proof of my answer is personal experience, third party feedback and just plain logic.

The reason why we hear this question frequently is because people want to get big without losing muscle definition. They’re afraid of looking too ”bulky”, like Scott Mendelson here on this picture. No offense there Scott, I’m sure you don’t care about definition anyway. Read does creatine make you stronger?

On a side note, creatine won’t transform you into a Jay Cutler overnight and you shouldn’t be afraid of looking too bulky. [Read more...]