The Longest Homeruns in Major League Baseball history

The other day I stumbled upon Jose Canseco’s mammoth homerun at the Toronto Skydome, which at the time was estimated to have landed 540 feet from the home plate. ”Oh my goodness!”. You can see the video here :

That impressive display of power (and steroid use) piqued my interest so I googled (is that an official verb now by the way?) ”longest homerun in Major League Baseball history” only to be very disappointed. Unfortunately, there isn’t much accurate and official information on the web regarding this topic because the MLB doesn’t keep records of ”yo dawg what’s the biggest bomb eva?”. Sure they’ll keep stats on who hit the most homeruns in his career, most homers in a season, in the playoffs and even how many they hit past 8:00 p.m. on syndays when it’s less than 80 degrees but if we want to know anything about distance, we’ll have to do some digging. [Read more...]

The Glory Days of Ronnie Coleman

Following the post ” What Ronnie Coleman Looks like Today (2013) ” I noticed big Ron was still more popular than I thought, even after years of retirement from pro bodybuilding. That previous post did not really glorify his physique so I decided to pop out a few old pictures underlining his best years as a profesionnal bodybuilder. For those of you who think they’ve seen it all, I really recommend checking these out because even after seeing his popular pictures dozens of times I’m still impressed by the stunning physique he displayed on stage every year. There was never such a talented-slash-genetically gifted bodybuilder in history (except maybe for Arnold) and it might take a long time before we get to see another like him.

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The Biggest Dumbbells you’ve ever Seen

After seeing Ronnie coleman do DB presses with 200 pounds, I decided to compile the biggest dumbbells ever seen in a gym (or where ever). If you go to a popular gym chain, those are the ones at the end of the rack, collecting dust and rust because nobody can even THINK of lifting them. But make no mistake, there are dudes out there, mainly found in powerlifting gyms, who can do reps with such monsters. So he were go, in ascending order :

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Top 25 Funniest things in the Gym

Jay Cutler tries to facepalm at funny things in the gymJust when you think you’ve seen it all, there you are changing clothes in the locker room and you overhear THIS conversation : “Hey Bob, let’s hop in the steam room! I heard it makes you lose fat”. Wow. just wow.

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So here it is, a list of stuff that we think is either :

    • Dumb
    • Retarded
    • Funny
    • Hilarous
    • Worthy of mention
    • A shame

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