The Longest Homeruns in Major League Baseball history

The other day I stumbled upon Jose Canseco’s mammoth homerun at the Toronto Skydome, which at the time was estimated to have landed 540 feet from the home plate. ”Oh my goodness!”. You can see the video here :

That impressive display of power (and steroid use) piqued my interest so I googled (is that an official verb now by the way?) ”longest homerun in Major League Baseball history” only to be very disappointed. Unfortunately, there isn’t much accurate and official information on the web regarding this topic because the MLB doesn’t keep records of ”yo dawg what’s the biggest bomb eva?”. Sure they’ll keep stats on who hit the most homeruns in his career, most homers in a season, in the playoffs and even how many they hit past 8:00 p.m. on syndays when it’s less than 80 degrees but if we want to know anything about distance, we’ll have to do some digging. [Read more...]

Eric Spoto breaks Raw BenchPress world Record 2013

In this picture Eric Spoto is lifting 722 pounds and breaking the world benchpress record in 2013Do not try this at home kids. Powerlifter Eric Spoto just broke the world record for raw bench press (meaning that the lift was not assisted by any sort of equipment, popular one being the benchpress shirt). At the signal of the judges, the man successfully pressed a ridiculously impressive 722 lb (327.5 kg), at the Southern Powerlifting Federation California State Powerlifting Meet in Sacramento, California on May 19, 2013. The previous record was being held by Scott Mendelson who pressed 715 pounds (324.3 kg) on May 22, 2005 at the New England Bench Press Classic. At the event, Eric Spoto lifted 661 lb (300 kg) on his first attempt, followed by 716 lb (325 kg) and his final lift of 722 pounds earning him 5 500$ prize money while making him the top ranked raw bench presser in the world today. I think you know you’re onto something when you warm up with 661 pounds unassisted! [Read more...]